Warner Bros. deals grey market a fatality.

The world has officially gone mad.  I just read an article on Technologizer.com detailing Warner Bros. plan to join EA in forcing customers who buy their games used to also purchase a separate online pass in order to play the respective games online.  All new purchases of the newest Mortal Kombat game will include a pass key that will allow playing of the game online vs other online users, however if you buy the game used, you will need to purchase a new key from Warner Bros to regain this functionality.  While I understand the thinking behind this move, Warner and EA want a piece of the used sale, it is out and out ridiculous.  It is as if all of companies pulling these kinds of things are just saying to the consumers, “We know our products are not that great, so instead of us spending more money and effort on making a better product, we are going to focus all of our energy on squeezing every last penny out of the crappy products we are making.”  Great plan.  I am sure that is what Apple and Google and Amazon are thinking when they design and release products.

This country’s economy has survived for hundreds of years with the grey market in place, consumers like being able to turn over goods, and, other less fortunate consumers who can not afford the product at it’s premium new price but are perfectly fine waiting until it is available to them at a lower cost through the grey market make it an efficient ecosystem.  All of these consumers WANT to use your product, and while you may not make any money off of their grey market purchase, you are gaining a customer, one that may like your product so much that they may be willing to pay for it new next time they are able to.  But do not kid yourself, these consumers that can not afford the new product aren’t just going to bite the bullet and pay for it anyway, they will find something else to do with their hard earned cash.  At believe me, people like me, who can afford the product are getting turned off by your antics, so much so, that I won’t buy them either.


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