Amazon Cloud Player is real, and available today

This is a pretty big deal.  Apple has been rumored to have something like this in the works but out of virtually nowhere Amazon has a product and it is available to day.  5Gb of online storage for music that is  available to you anywhere there is an internet connection, for free.  There are upgrade options for space including a free upgrade to 20Gb with the purchase of an album, but the service is free.  While this is something the I personally will not use, I have a 160Gb iPod Classic because I can’t decide ahead of time which songs I will want to hear in the future so I have to carry everything, but I am sure there is a large audience for this service.  Look out for Amazon, they are positioning themselves as a major player in mobile device game in a way that few could have predicted.

Check out Engadget’s coverage here.


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