Unbelievable Before and After Pics of Japan

Click here for an incredible series of before and after pics of Japan.  I have not seen the technology used to display these images before, it is quite amazing and adds a depth of the devastation.  I find it very interesting that there will never be another disaster, or any major event, that we will not be able to actually see unfold.  I am still not sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I found myself feeling intrusive while watching some of the raw footage that came out early after the quake and ensuing tsunami, like I shouldn’t be watching the lives of so many be destroyed, even lost.  But I do feel it is important to have these images, to be able to tell the real and actual story.  Right or wrong there is no turning back, it does not seem too far fetched to believe that in the near future, everything will be “on tape”.  I do not doubt that Orwell was sure that a version of Big Brother would one day be a reality, but I wonder if he could’ve ever imagined that all of the things that Big Brother was watching would be on everyone’s tv and computer screens.



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