Will the Apple TV be my new favorite pastime?

The newest version of the Apple TV has yet to make it into my media cabinet.  I have the 1st generation Apple TV and haven’t felt the need to upgrade as I am getting everything I need out of it.  But, earlier this week, Apple kind of quietly, made a play that could change my mind, and media consumption as we know it.  It is now possible to watch MLB TV and NBA League Pass on your Apple TV.  Both require a subscription to their respective online services, but for me, a DirecTV customer, this comes at a significant savings.  For example to get MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV I would pay a subscription cost of $210, but MLB TV is only $120 for all of the same features, except, MLB TV is also available on my computer, my iPad, my Android phone and now the Apple TV.  For me, this is a game changing, no brainer due to the fact that I now have access to these games virtually anywhere.  I am also sure it is great for MLB and the NBA because they do not have to share revenue with my TV provider.  I can only imagine other content providers will eventually catch on and bring to the masses a true “pay for what you watch” model.  Something long overdue.


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