I would totally buy this!

Of all of the late night shows, Jimmy Kimmel seems to be the one that’s content seems to cross my radar more than the others. Almost every time something does reach me, it is invariably funny and clever, yet I have yet to run into someone that has said “hey did you see Kimmel last night?” I wonder why that is? He seems to have all the connections in Hollywood, as you can see by the cast of this video. When Carson was doing this gig, everyone was watching. That doesn;t seem to be the case anymore. I wonder if Tivo is killing the late night shows, I know personally I use that time to catch up on all of my primetime shows, so I imagine others are as well. It is a shame that these shows seem to be garnering less attention because it is an interesting format that only seems to work at that particular hour, As Leno found out last year. Praise for ABC allowing this stuff to exist on youtube, because that is the only place I will ever see it.


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